YoungBods offers responsible and ethical access to the young people themselves through out specialist youth panel of 37,000 young people throughout the UK.

Panelists are aged between 11 – 24 years old and is recruited from a number of sources both on and offline to ensure the panel is representative of young people in the UK. This method of recruitment ensures we have access to a number of hard to reach groups such as those in care homes, young offenders and NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Reliable – All members of our panel receive payment for each survey they complete, we do not operate prize draws. This helps ensure the respondents answer accurately and honestly and removes the ‘competition’ element which affects respondents when they are offered a prize draw.

Compliant - All panel members under the age of 16 have the express verbal and recorded consent of their parent or guardian to participate in surveys. ResearchBods adheres to stringent MRS, ESOMAR and internet guidelines regarding the conducting of research with children.

Effective - Our panel managers ensure the members are not overused and they understand the importance of the surveys they complete. By only using our own panel we ensure that the respondents answer consistently and honestly, ensuring our clients obtain the knowledge to achieve their success

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